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Media Planning

Your Strategic Gateway to Influential Audiences

Unlock unparalleled access to emerging markets with exclusive advertising opportunities in leading magazines, curated by Meeraki Media.

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, strategic media planning is key to making a lasting impact.

At Meeraki Media, we specialize in creating media plans that connect you with your target audience, particularly in high-growth markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, and beyond.

Our Unique Edge?

Exclusive partnerships with leading business magazines in the Middle East.

Our Approach

  • Exclusive Magazine Partnerships: We hold exclusive rights to place advertisements in top business magazines in the Middle East. This means, through us, you gain privileged access to advertising in these influential publications, reaching a savvy audience that’s otherwise hard to tap into.
  • Targeted and Efficient: With insights into your audience’s media consumption habits, we ensure your advertisements appear in the right places, maximizing reach and relevance.
  • Adaptable Strategies and Measurable Outcomes: We align your media plan with the shifting media landscape, backed by metrics that guide continuous improvement.

Why Partner With Us?

Localized Insights, Global Impact:

Our deep understanding of emerging markets enables us to craft plans that resonate locally while maintaining a global appeal.

Premium Advertising Opportunities:

Our exclusive partnerships provide you with premium advertising spots in renowned tech magazines, offering unmatched visibility in the Middle East.

Tailor-made Campaigns:

Recognizing the uniqueness of every brand, we customize your media plan to fit your specific objectives, ensuring your message is delivered effectively.

Make a significant impact with Meeraki Media.

Leverage our exclusive partnerships and expertise in media planning to elevate your brand in new and emerging markets. Connect with us for a media strategy that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth.

ready to expand? 

ready to expand? 

ready to expand? 

Discover how Meeraki Media’s services can be the catalyst for your brand's international growth.

Connect with us to explore the potential of elevating your business on the global stage.